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"The Amalgam"

Humanly Divine

The power of Athena, goddess of wisdom, war & strategy, is now released.
The sky was just the beginning. Now, the city is calling. It is her calling.
Along with the ever present symbol of victory, the laurel leaf, she unfolds her charismas “down to earth”.
The female warrior is united with her urban alter ego.
An extraordinary amalgam is created.

The Amalgam Collection by DI GAΪA is reflecting the union of the sky with the earth.
The divine with the human. The elusive with the reachable.
Designed for women with the instinct to conquer any battle to be fought,
any everyday challenge to be won, any city path to be discovered,
any extraordinary experience waiting to be lived.
Designed for the humanly divine.

*Αμάλγαμα: A blend of diverse elements that can bring out all their positive traits.