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“New Elegance”

Unforced elegance has an extraordinary force.
It imposes its greatness effortlessly and naturally, giving birth to genuine style.
True to DI GAΪΑ’s devotion to awaken the divine earthly power inside every woman,
the SS17 Collection is a triumph to a new relaxed elegance.
Sporty chic reveals its most sophisticated character.
Classic designs reach their futuristic alter egos. Elements of the earth 
-metallics, transparencies, mesh, leather -
all are inspirationally combined to redefine the “rules” of shoe design.
And then, comes the colour. Bold or toned-down, it makes its presence perfectly clear.

All SS17 creations come together to inspire DI GAΪΑ women
reveal their inner strength and conquer, with a new elegance,
everything they truly desire, in every step they take.